‘Weiner’ Review

It’s Like Living a Nightmare: The Huma Abedin Story

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin / Parody of Grant Wood's 'American Gothic' / Illustration for The Washington Free Beacon -- by and © Copyright Anton Emdin 2016. All Rights Reserved. Please do not reproduce without express written permission.Weiner is a documentary about failure—unremitting, unrelenting, personal, professional, and moral failure. Failure of the sort you rarely get to see in real time.

‘A Whit Stillman Trilogy’ Review

New Criterion set celebrates the auteur of UHBs

At some point last week as I was working my way through Metropolitan, Barcelona, and The Last Days of Disco—Whit Stillman’s triptych from the 1990s, each for sale separately and also helpfully collected in a new set by the Criterion Collection*—I realized that Chris Eigeman was my spirit animal.

‘Tomorrowland’ Review

Wholesome adventure with a dash of agitprop for the kiddies

Tomorrowland is both an indictment of the Hollywood Dream Factory and a paean to its power, a film that aspires to inspire. It’ll play great with the 8-to-14 demo, though their parents may heave a sigh or two.

Film Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Wildest Week’ in Washington

‘Nerd Prom’ digs into truth of D.C.’s biggest event

A new documentary film gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the hoopla surrounding the White House Correspondents’ dinner, which, much to the dismay of some, has become the most important social week of the year in Washington, D.C.