Don’t Give Your Money to Clinton Son-in-Law Marc Mezvinsky

Mark Mezvinsky has an easy job. His rich and powerful in-laws, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have a bunch of rich and powerful friends who give Mezvinsky and his friends millions of dollars to invest and (in theory, anyway) make them even more money.

But Mezvinsky isn’t very good at his job. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mezvinsky’s boutique hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners LP, reported significant losses last year, and has struggled to turn a profit for investors since its inception in 2012:

Obama Bundler Trades For Domestic Abuser to Coach His Basketball Team

A sixth-place finish in the weak Eastern Conference would be a step in the right direction for most first-year head coaches with zero prior experience. However, a second-round exit was not enough for Jason Kidd, who, true to form, weaseled his way out of Brooklyn over the weekend and forced the Nets to trade him to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kidd’s jealousy of fellow coaching neophytes Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher—who were able to negotiate better contracts only a year after he inked his—prompted him to force his way out.