Ken Cuccinelli

Questionable Business Connections May Hurt Democrat Terry McAuliffe

Republican candidate expected to hit McAuliffe on dealings in first debate

The leading candidates for Virginia governor will meet for their first debate on Saturday, where Democrat Terry McAuliffe will likely face criticism of business deals that have netted him millions despite their relative lack of success.

Terry McAuliffe’s Involvement in Contribution Scandal Reemerges

Engaged in bid to gin up Democratic donations by helping would-be union boss

Democrat Terry McAuliffe was deeply involved in a 1990s scheme to illegally aid in the election of a major union boss in exchange for large contributions from the union to the Democratic Party’s war chest, according to a Democratic Governors Association official.

McAuliffe Watch

Full Flop for The Macker

The Richmond Times-Dispatch put Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s evolving position on offshore oil drilling to the test with its Flip-O-Meter. The result: a Full Flop.

McAuliffe’s Complicated Labor History

Union-backed Dem has fought right-to-work laws elsewhere

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has been proclaiming that he wants Virginia to remain a right-to-work state, a hard-to-believe stance given his cozy relationship with some of the country’s largest unions.

Occupy’s Millionaire Lobbyist Friend

Roanoke branch of activist group protests for Democratic gubernatorial candidate

The gubernatorial campaign of Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe recruited local “Occupy” demonstrators to protest a campaign event by his Republican opponent on Monday, but only about ten protesters showed up.

McAuliffe Watch

Rough stretch for McAuliffe gives Cuccinelli big lead in new poll

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is leading Democrat Terry McAuliffe by 10 points among likely voters in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, according to a new Washington Post poll.

The Union Label

Unions back McAuliffe in Va. governor race

Unions are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe as Virginia governor in the hopes he will roll back secret ballot protections during union elections and steer lucrative contracts to labor unions, observers say.