Hillary Clinton’s Hamptons Vacation

Hillary Clinton needs a vacation. The champion of everyday Americans will head the Hamptons on August 21 for a two-week stay at an $18 million beachfront estate. The Clintons are reportedly shelling out $100,000 for the rental, which is a little less than 30-minutes worth of “work” on the speaking circuit. Everyday Americans, by comparison, spend an average of $1,145 per person on summer travel.

Guest Contributor: Donald Trump Is Too Poor to Be President

Citizens of America, I write to you in a time of great peril. The future of our country is at stake; it’s very survival could depend on the outcome of next year’s presidential election. Since the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, my childhood bridge partner and longest-serving President of the United States, the American public has sullied the White House with the corrupting stench of commoners’ musk.