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This UN Agency Wants You To Eat Less Meat To Fight Climate Change. It's Run By a Top CCP Official.

Qu Dongyu uses the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization to 'promote Chinese interests,' a report found

November 28, 2023

How China’s Push To Control U.S. Food Supply Prepares It for War with Taiwan

CCP’s rush to buy prime American real estate sounding alarm bells in Congress

August 3, 2023

Hero Chef Bans Vegans From Restaurant

'Go find another kebab shop somewhere that's happy to give you that plastic rubbish that you enjoy to eat so much'

June 21, 2023

Montana Senator Jon Tester's Restaurant Bills Don't Match His Everyman Image

Tester says he hates eating out because Montanans 'like our own meat'

March 10, 2023

'They Could Literally Starve Us': Republicans Push To Ban China From Purchasing US Farmland

Effort gains steam as lawmakers look to retaliate against Beijing over spy balloon

February 11, 2023