Financial Crisis

Greek Foreign Minister Visits Israel Amid Debt Crisis

Will meet with chairman of Israel’s National Economic Council

JERUSALEM—Greece’s foreign minister, Nikos Kotzias, who arrived in Israel Tuesday to strengthen bilateral relations, will reportedly receive tips on how a neighboring country on the Mediterranean coast managed to climb out of the financial depths to achieve international economic success.

A Government for the People

Former Indy mayor writes on streamlining government, tailoring it to people

Former Mayor of Indianapolis Stephen Goldsmith launched on Monday the first of several essays on government reform, in which he discusses topics ranging from government structure to public-private partnerships.

‘Recipe for Disaster’

Government policy to lower home mortgage standards is a bad idea, experts say

The Obama administration is pushing to lower the lending standards for home loans in order to spur the recovery and help lower-income homebuyers, a move some housing finance experts find alarming.

Cleaning Up the Fiscal Mess

Panel discusses policy solutions, limitations in fighting the fiscal crisis

A quartet of conservative panelists looked at the challenges of being the minority party in a divided government during a Saturday afternoon panel at the National Review Institute Summit titled, “The Way Out of the Fiscal Mess.”

Dodd-Frank: Two Years Later

Obama financial regulation under constitutional fire, hurting growth, critics say

Two years after President Obama signed the 848-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, only a third of the nearly 400 required regulations have been finalized, and critics say the ensuing uncertainty is retarding economic growth.