Zach Noble

Thousands Brave the Cold to March for Life

Feature: Pro-life marchers make their voices heard in Washington, D.C.

The March for Life 2014 / APThey came from North Dakota and Kansas and closer to the nation’s capital, bringing their signs, their voices, and, in many cases, their children as they braved single-digit weather to express their dearly-held belief: “There is an unalienable right to life, and that right extends to the unborn.”

The Frack Attack

Anti-fracking movement rallies in D.C., ignores science

Approximately 1,500 anti-hydraulic fracturing activists converged on Washington, D.C., July 28 for “Stop the Frack Attack,” a rally by “urban elites” to strangle a rural economic boom, according to experts on the issue.

Dodd-Frank: Two Years Later

Obama financial regulation under constitutional fire, hurting growth, critics say

Two years after President Obama signed the 848-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, only a third of the nearly 400 required regulations have been finalized, and critics say the ensuing uncertainty is retarding economic growth.

A Solyndra for Sebelius

$20 million slush fund for biotech comes at expense of biohazard preparedness

The Senate Appropriations Committee has created a $20 million fund for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to invest in biotech startups, shifting money to a program that some say resembles the Department of Energy’s controversial loan guarantees.

A Choice, Not a Mandate

Despite claims to the contrary by Democrats and the media, Republicans in Congress have a concrete alternative to Obamacare—Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) has introduced legislation that would expand healthcare coverage without requiring a mandate.

How academia ruined America

Prolific author David Gelernter has covered subjects ranging from technology to Judaism, but America-Lite is his first unabashedly political book.

McCain Calls for Courage, Intervention in Syria

One day after calling the lack of U.S. military involvement in Syria shameful, Senator John McCain repeated his call to action in a speech at AEI by appealing to the memory of President Bill Clinton's decision to intervene in Bosnia.

Carbon Corruption

Iran, North Korea, Sudan rack up millions by trading U.N. carbon credits

The U.N. is funneling millions of dollars worth of tradable carbon credits to corrupt nations worldwide, including Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Uzbekistan in an attempt to encourage clean energy projects in the developing world.

Broken Advertisement

Obama attack ad slams Romney for failing to pass tax cuts blocked by Democrats in Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts Democrats featured in “Broken Promises,” the Obama campaign’s latest attack on Mitt Romney, criticize Romney for failing to bring down taxes—despite the fact that they helped defeat a proposed Romney tax cut in April 2005.