Federal Stimulus

Clean Coal Cronyism

DOE pledged $100M to over-budget program after Dem donor’s company stepped in

The Department of Energy (DOE) put up hundreds of millions of dollars to back a risky “clean coal” project despite doubts about its viability after a company whose top executive is a large Democratic donor acquired it.

The Cost of Cronyism

Politically powerful company provides inaccurate cost data, report says

A politically connected company with a history of legal and workplace safety violations provided inaccurate cost data to support a multi-billion-dollar federal nuclear waste cleanup contract, according to a recent report by federal watchdogs.

Obama’s Failed Recovery

Nearly 4 million more Americans are unemployed as a result of Obama’s failed stimulus pledge

Nearly 4 million more Americans are unemployed compared with what the White House predicted in 2009, according to a new analysis.