Donald Trump

The Teflon Campaign

Column: Why nothing sticks to Donald Trump or Joe Biden

It was congresswoman Pat Schroeder, Democrat from Colorado, who labeled Ronald Reagan the "Teflon" president in a fit of exasperation in August 1983. What frustrated Schroeder was that nothing "stuck" to Reagan—not the recession, not his misadventures in Lebanon, not his seeming detachment from his own administration. Reagan's job approval had plunged to a low of 35 percent in the beginning of that year, but his numbers were rising and his personal favorability remained high. "He is just the master of ceremonies at someone else's dinner," she said.

State AGs Want in on Federal Coronavirus Probes

States want to coordinate with feds on China accountability efforts

Florida attorney general Ashley Moody / Getty Images

Republican attorneys general are proposing a new federal-state partnership to determine “possible actions to take towards China,” adding to a slew of state-level initiatives to hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

GOP Surges in Wisconsin, California Special Elections

Republicans lead in two bellwether districts following special elections

Tuesday's congressional special elections brought promising results for President Donald Trump and the GOP, as Republicans took commanding leads in swing districts widely seen as a bellwether for November.

April Gun Sales Surge Amid Shutdowns

Analysis finds 1.8 millions guns sold in April, 70 percent increase from 2019

Americans turned out in record numbers to buy weapons amid the coronavirus outbreak, as April marked the second straight month of historic gun sales.