Donald Trump

Senate Acquits Trump of Articles of Impeachment

President Donald Trump was acquitted on Wednesday in his U.S. Senate impeachment trial, saved by fellow Republicans who rallied to protect him nine months before he asks voters in a deeply divided America to give him a second White House term.

Bloomberg Used Box to Boost Height as NYC Mayor, Documents Show

The Bloomberg campaign was quick to shoot down President Donald Trump's claim that the Democratic presidential candidate plans to use a box to boost his height at Friday's Democratic debate. While Bloomberg may not mount a box later this week, the former New York City mayor used height-boosting boxes and modified podiums to boost his height throughout his mayoralty.

Trump Wins Iowa, Democrats in Disarray

'We may be witnessing the last Iowa caucus'

President Donald J. Trump secured an overwhelming victory in the Republican caucus in Iowa on Monday, the first step on the path to his inevitable reelection in 2020. "Big WIN for us in Iowa. Thank You!" the president tweeted to his 72 million followers.