DNC: Nonreligious Voters Are the Party’s ‘Largest Religious Group’

Voters with no religion 'overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values'

The Democratic National Committee passed a resolution Saturday claiming nonreligious people are “the largest religious group” within the party, noting these people “overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values.”

DNC Speaker: Socialism Endorsed By Constitution, Bible

'If you want to have a moral debate, bring it on, baby'

One of the speakers at the Democratic National Committee summer meeting  on Friday told the audience if free health care is labeled "socialism" by Republicans, then they must "compel them to acknowledge that the Bible must then promote socialism."

DNC Fundraises Off Deadly Shootings

‘Chip in to stand with Democrats fighting to end gun violence’

Law enforcement agencies respond to an active shooter at a Wal-Mart near Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, TexasFormer Democratic congresswoman Gabby Giffords sent a fundraising email on behalf of the Democratic National Committee on Monday afternoon, asking supporters to respond to the pair of deadly weekend shootings by making political contributions.

Donor Helped Warren Pay for Access to DNC Voter File

Warren will appear at DNC fundraiser in San Francisco, where $10,000 grants attendance at private reception

A multi-million-dollar Democratic donor helped Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) pay for access to the Democratic National Committee voter base in April.