FLASHBACK: Feds Accused Incoming Dem National Convention Chair of Steering Funds to Illegal Clinton Shadow Campaign

Longtime Clinton confidante Minyon Moore tapped to lead 2024 convention

Minyon Moore (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
August 16, 2023

The incoming chairwoman of the 2024 Democratic national convention was once accused by federal prosecutors of steering funds to an illegal shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Minyon Moore, a longtime Clinton confidante and consultant at Dewey Square Group, has been tapped to lead the convention in Chicago next summer.

DNC chair Jaime Harrison said Moore was selected due to her organizing experience and ability to run a "turnkey operation," according to Politico.

Moore’s connection to the Clinton shadow campaign came to light in a 2014 federal indictment of Washington, D.C., businessman Jeffrey Thompson. According to court records, Moore "asked Thompson to fund street teams that would be paid to assist [the Clinton campaign] during upcoming primary elections." Thompson agreed to finance canvassing operations in multiple states—activities that weren’t disclosed to the Federal Election Commission.

Moore, who is identified only as "Individual A" in the court documents, was never charged in the case. But Thompson, who was also accused in the indictment of running an off-the-books campaign for former D.C. mayor Vincent Gray in 2010, pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. Thompson said he poured over $600,000 into pro-Clinton canvassing operations in the Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, and Puerto Rico Democratic primary races.

The choice of Moore to lead the convention comes as both Republicans and Democrats have warned of election integrity issues. Republicans have raised concerns about the increase in mail-in ballots in 2020, and many state Republican legislators have called for stronger voter ID laws. Meanwhile, Democrats have warned about foreign election interference from adversarial countries like Russia.

Moore’s firm Dewey Square Group did not respond to a request for comment. The Democratic National Committee did not respond to a request for comment.

Clinton went on to hire Moore again as an adviser during the 2016 campaign. President Joe Biden also tapped Moore to advise him on his selection process for nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court last year.

A spokeswoman for the Dewey Square Group told the Washington Free Beacon in 2016 that the allegations against Moore "proved not to be accurate" and "Ms. Moore conducted herself, as she always has, not only in full compliance with the law but in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards."

Moore told Politico last week that she was "thrilled" by her selection as convention chair.

"I am grateful to the team members who have already been working hard, and know that through their work, and the strong team we continue to build, that this convention will be a success," she said.

The convention is scheduled to take place next August in Chicago, a city that is facing surging crime and a mass exodus of tax-paying citizens.