Department of Transportation

Mayor Pete Goes to Washington

Biden to nominate 38-year-old memoirist, beloved by 'boat shoe' libs, for secretary of transportation

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to nominate Pete Buttigieg for secretary of transportation, a move that will delight a core segment of the Democratic base.

How Republicans Got Schumer to End Obstruction of Rail Nominee

Dem leader gives in on nominee he'd blocked since August, gets nothing in return

A group of Senate Democrats led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) put an end on Tuesday evening to efforts to extract billions of dollars in federal funding guarantees by blocking the confirmation of a qualified nominee to the Federal Railroad Administration.

Obama Admin Spends $21,000 on Basketball Equipment

Ever since the election of the Best Left-Handed Shameless Gunner-in-Chief, America's relationship with basketball has strengthened. The sport has a mystique. America has been hypnotized into thinking Obama Election Day pick-up games are somehow more competitive than MJ's Bulls vs. Isiah's Pistons. At least the Oval Office just plays pick-up. The Departments of Interior and Transportation have caught the basketball fever so bad, they've dropped more than $20K on rebounding machines. Several rebounding machines. Meanwhile, the most the Department of Education spends on hoops is time wasted on Arne Duncan rebounding POTUS air balls.