Charlie Hebdo

Barack Obama: Missing-In-Action

The president and his top lieutenants have skipped Charlie Hebdo march, Auschwitz anniversary, other major events

Barack ObamaIn July 2014, President Barack Obama traveled to Austin, Texas, for a fundraiser and to tout his economic proposals. Noticeably absent from his schedule was a visit to the border with Mexico, where a surge of child immigrants from Central America was straining state and federal resources. Republican lawmakers and some Democrats accused Obama of failing to exhibit public concern about the crisis.

Charlie Hebdo, Stephen Colbert, and ‘Real Satire’

Last Friday, THE POLITICO ran an op-ed by Remy M. Maisel expressing a fairly prevalent sentiment—“I condemn the killings in Paris, but…”—in response to the recent terror attacks in France. The author, who has co-written a book on satire, argues that while violence and terrorism are bad, the attack on Charlie Hedbo might offer a teachable moment as to what constitutes “real satire” as opposed to “pseudo-satire,” and offers some groundbreaking observations such as:
It is, in fact, possible to condemn physical attacks such as the violent one on Charlie Hebdo and the cyberattack on Sony Pictures without also lauding the material that provoked the attacks.
You don’t say.