Carlos Slim

Tycoons, Telecoms, and Trotsky: Book Lifts Veil on Carlos Slim

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Carlos Slim's brother interrogated leftist rebels for Mexico's intelligence agency while his eldest son often hands out a biographical novel about Leon Trotsky as a gift, according to a new book on the tycoon who was long the world's richest man.

Clinton Foundation Quietly Revises Mexican Billionaire’s Donation

Carlos Slim was listed as a seven-figure donor last year. Now the foundation says he’s given far less

Carlos SlimHillary Clinton’s family foundation quietly updated its list of donors last week, significantly reducing the amount that it says has been given by a Mexican telecom tycoon whose company recently accused of deceptive U.S. advertising.

Hillary Clinton to Cavort with Mexican Oligarch

Prominent American oligarch Hillary Clinton is travelling to Mexico on Friday to attend an annual summit hosted by Carlos Slim, the world’s richest oligarch. Slim, whose portfolio includes a significant stake in the New York Times, is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. His net worth—around $72 billion—is roughly equivalent to the combined fortunes of Charles and David Koch.

The Billionaire’s Broadsheet

Carlos Slim to exercise New York Times warrants

Carlos Slim(Reuters) - Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim plans to increase his stake in The New York Times Co by exercising at the end of this year warrants he received when he made a major loan to the newspaper company, according to a report in Bloomberg.