Woodhouse: Clinton Email Scandal Hasn’t Amounted to ‘Hill of Beans’

August 16, 2016

Correct the Record President Brad Woodhouse, a Hillary Clinton surrogate, told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that Clinton’s email scandal has not amounted to a "hill of beans."

Cuomo pushed Woodhouse on the email scandal and asked how he thought Clinton was going to overcome the issue as it does not seem to go away.

"Things are going to keep dribbling out. They’re going to keep showing things," Cuomo said. "We both know without seeing the emails, there’s going to be things in there that make people think that there was either a conflict of interest or that something was done not the right way. It wasn’t appropriate.  How do you get away from this?"

Woodhouse said that if the media "obsesses" over the emails, then the Clinton campaign will have to address it. He then pivoted to talking about how Clinton’s emails are the Republicans’ last "vestige" in the presidential campaign.

"Even the stuff we’ve seen recently, you know long-time family friend, employee, volunteering her time to conduct one interview for the foundation. An email from one aide to another asking for a courtesy meeting? It’s what goes on in Washington everyday. It goes on in your business. It goes on in my business," Woodhouse said.

Woodhouse also said  no "reasonable" prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton for the emails that have been released.

"I just don’t think anything that we’ve seen since Comey came out and said that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case on her email server. I don’t think anything we’ve seen has amounted to a hill of beans," Woodhouse said.

Woodhouse recently told CNN host Alisyn Camerota that judgments regarding Clinton’s trustworthiness on the emails were based on opinion, not fact.