Wolf Blitzer: FBI Assessment of Clinton's Email Conduct 'Extremely Damning'

July 5, 2016

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday called the FBI statement on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and "carelessness" with handling classified information "extremely damning."

Blitzer started his reaction to FBI Director James Comey’s comments by saying how awkward it is that Clinton got off without an indictment after Comey criticized her conduct while also not recommending charges be brought against the presumptive Democratic nominee.

"Despite the fact no charges, very, very awkward at a minimum," Blitzer said. "The fact that he would say that she was ‘extremely careless’ in her use of these private email servers, and he pointed out there was more than one server, very sensitive, highly classified information. Even if it had not been marked highly classified, sensitive or deeply classified information, anyone seeing that information should have known it was classified. It should not have appeared there."

Blitzer then said that Comey was straightforward in his statement, adding that the the way Clinton acted with her server was careless and "extremely damning."

"He was very blunt in all of this," Blitzer said. "At the same time, as you’ve been pointing out guys, he said, ‘Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,’ even though this is extremely damning of the way the secretary of state, at that time, operated for four years using this private server for all her information to communicate with her aides."

Blitzer also acknowledged that Clinton did say her exclusive use of a home-brewed server while serving as secretary of state was a mistake.

"There were other opportunities out there," he said. "She continued to do it. She shouldn’t have done it. She acknowledges she shouldn’t have done it. She now acknowledges it was a mistake. But at the same time, he’s [Comey] not going to recommend charges, which is, of course, what she wanted. But at the same time, it is very, very damning to put it mildly."