Wolf Blitzer: ‘We Are Not the Enemy of the American People, We love the American People’

'Everybody's always criticizing us'

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said on behalf of the media "we love the American people" on Wednesday in response to President Donald Trump's latest broadside against the profession.

Apparently angered by the media's coverage of his nuclear summit with North Korea, Trump tweeted Wednesday that the "fake news" press was "our country's biggest enemy."

CNN analyst David Gregory attacked Trump for being unoriginal, saying all politicians don't like the press.

"Everybody's always criticizing us and not happy with our coverage, whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or President—they're all criticized," Blitzer said.

Blitzer went on to say a lot of Trump's supporters believed the charge, which was "a really, really awful situation."

"We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people," he said.

Trump has made attacking the press a hallmark of his presidency, often referring to stories he characterizes as inaccurate or unfair as "fake news."