Fake News

ABC News Airs Phony Syria Footage

Network removes segment⁠—including footage from American gun range⁠—after request for comment

ABC News aired footage claiming to show a Turkish attack on a Syrian border town that was actually from a 2017 video of an American shooting range.

Poynter Retracts ‘Blacklist’ of Conservative Publications

The Florida-based journalism non-profit Poynter Institute for Media Studies earlier this weekre tracted a list that designated many conservative news outlets as "unreliable." Created by an employee of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, it blacklisted many sites, including the Washington Free Beacon, Daily Caller, Daily Signal, CNS News, and Breitbart, while including few liberal sites.

You’re Allowed to Be Happy a Hate Crime Didn’t Happen

In a shocking development, it appears that there aren’t racist Trump supporters who wander around Chicago in the bitter cold with bleach and a noose, believe that Chicago is “MAGA country,” and recognize actors from the television show Empire. Major national outlets have now confirmed local reports that Chicago PD now believe that Jussie Smollett paid two acquaintances to fake the attack.

Media Spread Nonexistent Racist Hate Crime on Eve of Mississippi Election

A local Mississippi NBC affiliate reported shocking news Monday morning. “Nooses, hate signs found at Mississippi State Capitol” read the headline of the initial WLBT story, which likewise referred in the body of its piece to “several hate signs … found hanging at the Mississippi State Capitol Monday morning around 7:15 a.m.”