Report: White House Lawyers Researching Impeachment

Getty Images

White House lawyers have begun researching the process and law of impeachment, CNN reports. In so doing, they hope to prepare to fend off any  possibility that Congress could try to impeach President Trump, according to CNN's sources.

At least one White House source subsequently claimed that the CNN story was false.

The White House does not believe that Trump is likely to be impeached, as they believe that Republicans in Congress support him. Even notable Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) have tried to quiet calls for impeachment within their own party.

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Nonetheless, White House lawyers have consulted impeachment experts and begun researching the precise legal proceeding involved in impeachment, according to CNN's sources.

At least one friend of White House counsel Don McGahn, however, suggested that such research was unlikely. According to the friend, he doubted McGahn would ever authorize the review.

Earlier this week, Trump advisers met at the White House to discuss the possible need for Trump to retain personal counsel. Among those present was lawyer and Trump surrogate Michael Cohen.

The White House did not comment to CNN. However, Fox News politics reporter Brooke Singman subsequently tweeted that a White House official claimed to her that the CNN story was "FALSE."