WFB's Liz Harrington Discusses Similarities Between Huey Long and Donald Trump

September 29, 2015

The Washington Free Beacon's Elizabeth Harrington appeared on Fox News to discuss the populist appeal of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday, agreeing with his comparison to former Louisiana governor and fiery populist Huey Long.

"I think Huey Long from Louisiana is a good example," Harrington said. "He was said to be able to have this ability to speak directly to the people, and that's largely what Donald Trump is able to do. He's able to cut through everything and build this personal relationship with his supporters, so much so that they really don't care about past convictions and policies that they once believed. Regardless of whatever he says, they like."

Fox News anchor Jenna Lee said she wonders if Trump is held to a higher standard to other politicians, pointing out criticism of his tax plan after he had been hit for weeks for lacking specifics.

"He might be, but he's also a master of the media, right? He's able to control the conversation ever since he's gotten in the race," Harrington said. "Now, when you have all these pundits complaining that he had no specifics, he's able to go against that and say, ‘Oh look, I have an immigration plan. Now I have a tax plan.’ Nobody's really happy because nobody can really control him."

Fellow guest Jackie Kucinich of The Daily Beast said she guesses that specifics will bring down Trump's campaign in the end, but noted also that his poll numbers have leveled off since a poor Reagan Library debate performance that was notably light on details. Harrington countered Trump would get out of the race when he felt like it, saying he was likely in it for the long haul.


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