WFB's Kredo Warns Tehran's Terror Capabilities Have Become More Organized

January 27, 2020

Washington Free Beacon senior writer Adam Kredo on Monday said the recent arrests of Iranian spies in the United States are a sign that Tehran is "more organized" than previously thought.

"We can look at some of the recent arrests. We had arrests in California and Michigan, I believe, and these were organized Iranian spies. These were not random people," Kredo said on Newsmax TV. "They were conducting surveillance on potential sites and also opposition groups—that is, Iranian dissidents—who are anti-regime and more pro-western."

Kredo reported last week that Tehran is seeking to expand its terror capabilities in the United States. Discussing his reporting, he highlighted the three main worries that U.S. officials and regional experts have about Iran: lone wolves, Hezbollah proxies, and the Quds Force, an "offshoot of the [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] that specializes in unconventional warfare."

He also said Iranian spies have been arrested for exporting nuclear materials.

"These recent spy arrests and some of the ones over the years—we've had Iranians arrested for exporting carbon fiber," Kredo said. "Those are banned nuclear materials, trying to export those back to Iran and the U.S., so we've seen quite a few different cases across the spectrum that really builds quite a concern about what Tehran's capabilities in the U.S. are."

Kredo finished by saying that both Republicans and Democrats have warned him that they believe Tehran's terror capabilities are stronger than that of many other terrorist groups.