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Clinton Teams Up With Pro-Tehran Lobby For Fundraiser

Will fundraise with allies of group pushing to kill anti-terror laws

February 19, 2016
Hassan Rouhani, Mohammad Javad Zarif

Group: Iran Operating Top Secret ‘Parallel Nuclear Program’

Findings come as Obama administration inches closer to nuke deal

February 24, 2015

Mullahs in Space

Iran may launch ‘living creatures’ into orbit

January 21, 2013

Outgoing Senators Slam Obama

Kyl, Lieberman hit Obama for Iran, Syria failures

December 6, 2012

Report: Iran Sanctions Have Failed

Economic sanctions yet to make a dent in the regime’s nuclear program

October 18, 2012

NIAC Loses Defamation Suit

Pro-Tehran group harshly criticized by judge, forced to pay attorney’s fees

September 20, 2012

Iranian Cyber Attacks Step Up

Pentagon Joint Staff: Iran cyber attacks, terrorism reveal Tehran engaged in covert war on the West

September 18, 2012