Washington Post Adds 'Clarification' Noting That Ned Price is Clinton Donor

Obama aide quit CIA under Trump, said decision was 'not about politics'

Edward Price
Ned Price
February 23, 2017

The Washington Post has added a "clarification" to the top of a column written by former CIA employee Ned Price to note that he made political contributions to Hillary Clinton, a fact that was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon earlier this week.

Price wrote in his Sunday column that he had decided to quit the CIA and that his decision "had nothing to do with politics." Not noted by the Washington Post at the time was that Price is both a registered Democrat and gave $5,000 to Hillary Clinton's failed effort to defeat Trump.

By Thursday, the paper had appended a clarification noting that it should have disclosed Price's partisan activity when the column was initially published.

"Clarification: This column should have included a disclosure of donations made by author Edward Price in support of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton," it now says. "In August, Price gave a total of $5,000 to the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party."

WaPo clarification

Price was challenged on his donations during an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday night.

"Your critics are already pointing out, you probably know this already, that you did make political contributions back in August to the Hillary for America campaign, $2,700, to the DNC, $2,300," Blitzer said to Price. "You say your decision wasn't about politics, but do the political contributions say otherwise?"

Price said that as a member of the intelligence community he has "never spoken about his personal views," but said that he thought Clinton "shared his values."

Price was a top spokesperson in the Obama White House on national security issues, most notably working as an assistant to deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. He was an integral part of Rhodes' efforts to create an "echo chamber" of White House allies during negotiations with Iran.

The cover photo on Price's personal Twitter account is a picture of President Obama.