Warren Reacts Awkwardly When Pressed on Potential 2020 White House Run

• April 18, 2017 10:05 am


Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) gave an awkward response Tuesday on NBC's "Today Show" when pushed on whether she will run for president in 2020.

Co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer pressed the Massachusetts senator repeatedly on her political future, eliciting responses that ranged from coy comments to an awkward stare.

Guthrie posed the question first after mentioning Warren's book tour for her newly released work, This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class.

"Where's your mind about that, 50/50, 80/20? Guthrie asked. "Where do you stand? Are you likely to run?"

"No, this is not what I'm doing," Warren responded. "This is my 11th book. My life's work is about what is happening to working families across this country."

"OK, but did you say no, not likely to run?" Guthrie interrupted.

"I am running, in 2018 for senator from Massachusetts," Warren said. "I am deeply blessed that the people of the commonwealth sent me to Washington to fight for them, and that's what I'll keep on doing."

"Because a lot of people have bumper stickers for 2020 that say, ‘She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless she persisted,'" Lauer chimed in.

Warren responded with an awkward glance and raised eyebrows.

"OK, you're not biting. I get it," Lauer said through chuckles.

"Let the transcript reflect silence," Guthrie added.

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