Warren Says She’s ‘In Favor’ of Some Results of GOP Tax Bill

• January 5, 2018 8:14 pm


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.)  changed her tune on Republicans' tax reform briefly Friday when she discussed how it was leading to workers receiving more money.

Asked about the tax package on Boston Public Radio, Warren said the bill, which Republicans said was designed to give relief to middle-class families, constituted "government for sale." But the host brought up the fact that workers had received bonuses based on the reform passing, and Warren admitted she was happy with that result of the bill.

"Look, I am glad when I read that there are companies that have given out thousand dollar bonuses," Warren replied. "There are companies that say they're going to rework some of their benefit plans; there are companies that cut rates: I’m in favor of all that. I want to see working families do better, you bet."

Over a hundred companies have given out what is now being called a "Trump bonus" as a result of the GOP’s tax reform being passed in December.

On top of bonuses and other benefits, another key issue for Warren has also seen improvement due to the reform: Companies have been announcing that base wages are going up, many to $15 an hour.

Still, Warren did not dwell on the benefits for long. After saying she was glad and in favor of those results of the tax reform, she returned to the argument that the bill favors the wealthy.

"Let's keep in mind, the giveaway was $1.4 trillion, and it was given directly to the biggest corporations and the billionaires in this country," Warren said.

The tax reform bill cut corporate rates from 35 percent to 21. As for individuals, the IRS says new tax breaks could take effect as early as February, giving people an increase in take-home pay.