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Vulnerable Democratic Senators Mum on Biden's Israel Weapons Pause

Five Democrats will help decide the Senate majority. None of them have weighed in on Biden weapons pause.

May 9, 2024

Tim Kaine Compares Parents Who 'Raise Hell' at School Board Meetings to Jan. 6 Rioters

'You see it at school board meetings when people come and raise hell,' senator says during campaign event

April 11, 2024

Senate Democrat With Ties to Chinese-Owned TikTok Pans House Divestment Bill

Maria Cantwell questions bill's legality, contradicting report from constitutional law firm

April 9, 2024

Judging Adeel Mangi

After years immersed in radical politics, the nominee claims he never knew nothing about it

Democrat Maria Cantwell Emerges as Key Player in TikTok Fight. Her Former Aides Are Working for the Company.

After classified briefing on Chinese-owned app's national security threats, Cantwell stresses patience as others raise alarm

March 22, 2024

Just a Third of Senate Dems Say They Back Schumer's Call for New Israeli Elections

Virginia's Tim Kaine becomes latest to dissent from Schumer's views, telling the Free Beacon that 'decisions regarding Israel's leadership should be made by the Israeli people'

March 20, 2024