Warren Dodges When Asked if Franken Should Resign

November 21, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) dodged on Monday when asked on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" if Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) should resign over the sexual harassment accusations levied against him.

Stephen Colbert asked Warren about the accusations against Franken and directly asked if he should resign.

"Al Franken, a comedian I've long admired and a politician I've recently admired, has been caught up in two accusations, one of which he's acknowledged and apologized for," Colbert said. "People are calling for Al Franken to step down. Do you think he should?"

"So, look, I was just enormously disappointed about this. I knew Senator Franken long before he was Senator Franken and his wife Frannie," Warren said. "These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this."

"Al is going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate, an investigation," Warren said. "We have had, for a long time now in the Senate, long before I got there, a bipartisan ethics committee that meets on a regular basis and he's going to go in and answer."

Warren then shifted to talk about the problem with sexual harassment generally in the United States, not just on Capitol Hill. She spoke of how Americans will know there is "real change" happening in the country.

"I'll tell you how I think we're going to know whether or not it's a moment when there's real change," Warren said. "It's going to be when there's accountability for famous people, but it's more going to be when the shift manager decides maybe giving the 'good shifts' only to woman who will play sex games back in the dressing room, is not a good idea."

She went on to describe other examples of potential sexual harassment and didn't again mention Franken.