Trump Supporter Turns Around Discussion on Old Trump Recordings to Discuss Clinton Tapes


A CNN political panel on Friday brought up the Hillary Clinton tapes uncovered by the  Free Beacon in defense of a recent audio recording of Donald Trump.

Host Pamela Brown asked a political panel on Friday about a recently uncovered recording that is suspected to be Donald Trump impersonating a media spokesman defending Trump over his relationship with Carla Bruni, an Italian model.

Trump backer Gina Loudon said the recording did not sound like Trump, a familiar voice in media.

"To me personally, I just have to be honest, it didn’t sound like him to me. You hear his voice every single day, all over media and it just didn’t sound like him to me," Loudon said.

Further defending Trump, Loudon brought up a decades-old recording of Hillary Clinton uncovered by the Washington Free Beacon. The interview between Clinton and Arkansas reporter Roy Reed concerned Clinton's successful defense of a child rape defendant in the 1970s.

"What I do think is significant is a 1980s tape of Hillary Clinton talking about a ‘fascinating' case where she defended a child rapist. This is in a conversation with Roy Reed, people can Google that and hear about it and hearing her voice, that does sound like her voice to me," Loudon said.  "I think you start to hold up old tape recordings of things that Donald’s done and old tape recordings of things that Hillary has done and we do have a lot to talk about."

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