Trump Softens Immigration Stance on H-1B Visas: 'I'm Changing, I'm Changing'

March 3, 2016

During the Republican debate Thursday night, Donald Trump was confronted by Megyn Kelly about his stance on H-1B visas, to which he responded with "I'm changing, I'm changing."

Kelly asked, "Mr. Trump, your campaign website to this day argues that more visas for highly skilled workers would ‘decimate American workers.’ However, at the CNBC debate, you spoke enthusiastically in favor of these visas. So which is it?"

Trump immediately answered that he was changing his position.

"I'm changing, I'm changing," he said. "We need highly skilled people in this country and if we can't do it, we will get them in. But, and we do need in Silicon Valley we absolutely have to have, so we do need highly skilled. And one of the biggest problems we have is people will go to the best colleges, they’ll go to Harvard, they’ll go to Stanford, they’ll go to Wharton. As soon as they are finished they get shoved out.

"They want to stay in this country. They want to stay here desperately. They are not able to stay here. For that purpose, we absolutely have to be able to keep the brainpower in this country."

Kelly followed up by clarifying, "you are abandoning your position on your website."

Trump responded that he was softening his position in order to keep talented people in the United States.

Note: This article was updated to show it was about H-1B visas, not H-1B1 visas.