Trump Gaining Dozens of Votes on Clinton in Wisconsin Recount

President-elect nets 39 more votes after fourth day of recount

Donald Trump
December 5, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has added dozens of votes to his lead over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin after the conclusion of the fourth day of the state's election recount.

The recount, pushed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, shows that Trump has netted 39 more votes in the state as of Sunday night, according to a spreadsheet of votes contained on the Wisconsin Election Commission's website. More than a million votes have been recounted.

The Wisconsin Election Commission notes that absentee ballots in the city of Milwaukee have not been recounted yet.

"Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots centrally (not at the polling place) on Election Night. When those absentee ballots have been counted the numbers will be updated," the site says.

The commission additionally provides a few explanations by clerks for the difference in votes between canvass and the recount.

The website states:

Dane County: 12 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes, unopened, on Election Night, for City of Monona Wards 6-10. Ballots were opened and canvased by the board during the recount.

Fond Du Lac County: 13 absentee envelopes were missing from Election Night and 1 absentee ballot counted on Election Night was rejected during recount canvassing of Town of Fond Du Lac Wards 1-8. A draw-down was done resulting in a loss of 7 votes for Trump/Pence and a loss of 7 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

Grant County: Village of Woodman and Village of Livingston removed from Day 4 results pending verification of recount numbers by Grant County Board of Canvas.

Racine County: Increase of 13 votes for Clinton/Kaine, votes were not counted on Election Night due to non-standard pens used to mark ballots.

The deadline to complete the recount is Dec. 13.