Trump Agrees With Schumer: Democrats Should Blame Themselves, Not Russia

Getty Images
July 24, 2017

President Donald Trump took shots at Democrats on Twitter Monday morning by using their own Senate leader's words to cast doubt on the Russia investigation.

Trump said that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) was right to say that Democrats should stop blaming circumstances for Hillary Clinton's loss in the presidential election. Schumer told the Washington Post that it was foolish to blame Russia or James Comey for the loss, and Trump used the quote to bolster his argument that the investigation is misguided.

Schumer did not repudiate the Russia investigation, but Trump has repeatedly called it a "witch hunt." Schumer's words did, however, pointedly contradict Clinton, who has blamed Comey and Russia for her defeat.

Schumer's comments come as Democrats are rolling out a new economic agenda, including the possibility of single-payer health care. Schumer has promoted the "Better Deal" plan by saying that Democrats need to focus on issues voters care about, rather than just oppose the president.

Trump, however, said that Washington remained corrupt and resistant to his efforts to "drain the swamp." He tweeted that things are even worse than he anticipated, specifically blaming the media.