Trump Accuses Clinton of Hiding Behind Debate Schedule


Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he was not happy with the current debate schedule.

"Hillary Clinton wants to be against the [National Football League]," Trump said on Sunday's This Week. "Like she did with Bernie Sanders, where they were on Saturday nights, when no one's home."

Trump claimed that he had received a letter from the NFL stating that the league did not think it was fair that two of the debates were also the same night as football games.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted that the league had never sent a letter to Trump voicing their concern about the scheduling of the debates.

"The debates are going to be pretty massive from what I understand," Trump said. "I don't believe we should be against the NFL. I don't know how the debates were picked and I don't know why those particular dates were picked."

He did tell Stephanopoulos he was content with three debates. He said that was enough.

Trump had previously done eleven of the twelve debates during the Republican Party presidential primary. He had skipped one of the debates to do a fundraiser for veterans charities.

The first presidential debate is scheduled for Monday, September 26, 2016.

The Atlanta Falcons are set to play the New Orleans Saints with the game to be broadcasted on ESPN.

The October presidential debate is scheduled for the same Sunday that the Green Bay Packers are slated to play the New York Giants on NBC.

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