Todd Can’t Believe Clinton Campaign Already Buying Ads in August

NBC reporter Chuck Todd said Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a serious problem if it is going up with ads in August during an appearance Wednesday on Morning Joe.

The Clinton campaign launched its first ads Tuesday after a summer of declining favorability numbers.

A new WSJ/NBC poll has Clinton’s favorability rating underwater and significantly so with the key demographic of white women. On Tuesday, WMUR in New Hampshire released a poll that shows Clinton with only a six-point lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.)

"We looked deep in our poll and saw the cross-tabs and saw the erosion of support among some of her key voting groups, including a lot of different women demographic groups—married women, white women, older women, and younger women—you realize why they're on the air, and why they're on the air with a Dorothy Rodham ad," Todd said.

Todd said the Clinton campaign did not plan to air TV ads this early in the campaign.

"I guarantee you this was not in the Robby Mook playbook two months ago," Todd said. "They were going to go up on the air in August and have to start spending their money. So look, they know they have problems."