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Former Dem Rep Cites 'Teachings of Jesus Christ' four times to defend Pro-Choice White House

Former Rep. Patrick Murphy (D., Pa.) cited the "teachings of Jesus Christ" four times while defending the pro-choice Obama administration in an interview Monday with MSNBC.

"The reason Barack Obama and Joe Biden won four years ago and why they're leading now in the polls with Catholic votes, is because their policies mirror the teachings of Jesus Christ, what it's all about and that's to say they are the least among us," Murphy said, when asked about the strength of the Catholic vote in predicting electoral success.

"The reason it's immoral is because a guts Medicare and Medicaid," Murphy said of the Ryan plan to reform Medicare. "When you look at the Gospels of Jesus Christ, Matthew 25, when he quotes Jesus and says, 'How do you treat the least among us, do unto me?'"

"You and I -- you're a Republican under Bush and Cheney and I'm a proud Democrat," Murphy said, when the debate moved to contraceptives. "But the facts are this, is that the bible -- Jesus Christ never spoke about contraceptives so we don't know where he fell on that."

"But we do know where Jesus Christ feels about the poor and wanton greed, and that is what that budget is," Murphy continued.

Murphy lost his 2010 race to Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R., Pa.) by eight points.