The War on Jen Rubin

Axelrod, ThinkProgress ‘jump the shark’

October 16, 2012

After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw herself under the bus for President Barack Obama regarding the deadly assault at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the Washington Post’s Jen Rubin observed

The tweet outraged Obama campaign mouthpiece David Axelrod, who replied

Rubin fired back

Former Hillary Clinton Research Director and failed Maryland House of Delegates candidate Judd Legum was also outraged by Rubin’s daring to point out that the Secretary of State was being mistreated by yet another man in her life. He took to the virtual pages of ThinkProgress to slam the Washington Post blogger, describing Rubin’s tweets as "sexist" and "personal."

When asked for comment, Rubin said, "I guess I struck a nerve."

Axelrod and Legum’s panicked response comes as polls show that GOP candidate Mitt Romney has closed the once-formidable gender gap to a mere one point.

One conservative insider mused that the new polling is causing Democratic operatives to lose their cool: "Obama was losing the women's vote before this happened, so no wonder they are frantic. It is unseemly for the president to hide behind her skirt."