Susan Rice Compares Trump to Mao Zedong

September 18, 2020

Former national security adviser Susan Rice on Thursday said President Donald Trump reminded her of the infamous Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Rice took exception to Trump’s reference to a "patriotic education" in a Wednesday speech

"I thought I was listening to Mao Zedong running communist China," Rice said.

Trump on Wednesday delivered a speech Rice was responding to a speech calling for a renewed patriotism to counter "left-wing indoctrination," including the 1619 Project, which is being taught in many public schools.

Mao, the founder of the People’s Republic of China and former chairman of the ruling Communist Party, was responsible for tens of millions of deaths in his project to remake all of Chinese society according to his Marxist vision. He is widely considered one of the most sinister dictators in world history.

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