Obama is Waiting to Hear Your Brilliant Alternative to His Plans

• November 25, 2015 12:00 pm

President Obama is waiting to hear how you would fix this mess, a new SuperCut finds.

Since the earliest days of his presidency, Obama has insisted that all his critics do is nag, nag, nag.

"We’ve been promised a lot of things these past five years that didn’t turn out to be the case. Death panels. Doom. A serious alternative from Republicans in Congress," Obama said.

When Obama sold his health care plan to the country, he argued that it was necessary because the Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative. In fact, they presented several.

When the wheels started to come off his health care plan, he argued that keeping it was necessary because the Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative. Again, there were several.

When the Islamic State carried out a deadly series of terrorist attacks abroad, Obama defended his strategy to contain the terrorist group by claiming Republicans hadn’t presented an alternative.

"Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do. Present a specific plan," Obama said during a particularly surly press conference Nov. 16.

When Obama struck a diplomatic accord with the theocratic regime in Iran, he argued that accepting the deal was necessary because Republicans and Israelis hadn’t presented an alternative other than total war with Iran.

"The prime minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] didn’t offer any viable alternatives," Obama said.

According to the president, he would be willing to hear out his opposition if they would rub two brain cells together for once and come up with an idea.

"You got good ideas, bring ‘em to me," Obama said.