Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Coughing

• February 22, 2016 12:35 pm


Hillary Clinton can't stop coughing.


As Clinton campaigns across the country, she is followed by a persistent cough. At several rallies and speeches, Clinton was interrupted by a chronic and troublesome cough that often left her voice hoarse.


This campaign has forced Clinton to give numerous speeches where she tends to shout. It is possible that the constant shouting could be the cause for Clinton's persistent cough.


Some voters have expressed concern over the status of Clinton's health. During a campaign event in Iowa, a woman confronted Clinton about her health. Clinton addressed the woman's concern.

"I'll match my endurance against anybody," Clinton said. "And last spring, my doctor put out a letter and you know, said what great health."


This isn't the first time Clinton's health has been a concern. Back in 2012, Clinton suffered a blood clot and was treated with blood thinners. The blood clot was discovered after Clinton sustained a concussion. Clinton received the concussion after she fainted. Clinton fainted because she was dehydrated. Clinton was dehydrated because she had a stomach virus.

Clinton's doctors have said they expect Clinton to make a full recovery from the blood clot.


Another possible explanation for Clinton's consistent cough is she's simply mimicking her favorite Pokémon Koffing.

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