Spicer Tells Reporter He Is Interpreting Yates Letter in ‘Plain English’

Sean Spicer was asked repeatedly during Tuesday's press briefing about the White House's position on using executive privilege to stop ex-acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying to the House Intelligence Committee. Finally, Spicer told ABC's White House correspondent Cecilia Vega that Yates's attorney had clarified the decision in a letter "in plain English."

"How and when exactly did the White House encourage [Yates] to testify?" Vega asked.

"The letter that her attorney sent literally says that ‘if we do not receive a response by March 27 at 10AM, I will conclude that the White House does not assert executive privilege over the matters with respect to hearings or otherwise," Spicer explained.

Spicer repeatedly explained to Vega that the White House was not asserting executive privilege.

"It's interesting, this is very clearly worded, and yet somehow you're asking me how to interpret that in any other way than literally reading in plain English," Spicer said.

The letter in question was from Yates's attorney regarding her testimony before the House Intelligence Committee during their investigation into Russia's influence over the 2016 election. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the Trump administration sought to block Yates from testifying.