Security Guard for CNN's April Ryan Harasses Reporter

Reporter supports impeaching Trump

Wikimedia Commons
August 14, 2019

A security guard for CNN analyst April Ryan harassed Charlie Kratovil, a New Brunswick reporter, during an August 3 speaking event, Kratovil reports in a Twitter thread.

Kratovil, the editor of the independent news source New Brunswick Today, said that he went to the event to film Ryan's speech, which his publication had previewed. Kratovil added that he was a supporter of Ryan, and only wanted his audience to be able to hear her speech.

"Unlike many stories I do, I wasn't digging deep or trying to put anyone on the spot," he wrote in a tweet. "Just thought it was cool that a well-known journo was speaking in my city & something our audience might appreciate."

Kratovil also stated that he had cleared his ability to film the "keynote speaker" with the PR firm running the event several days beforehand. When he arrived, a man working the event allowed him to set up his camera nearby another camera slated to film the event.

While he waited for Ryan's speech, Kratovil walked around the room and met Rep. Donald Payne (D., N.J.) , whom he congratulated on supporting impeachment for President Donald Trump.

But while Payne was introducing Ryan, a man approached Kratovil and asked who he was with. Kratovil presented his press credentials, and the man told him to "take down" the camera or he would take it down himself.

The two continued to argue, with Kratovil refusing to take down his camera unless he was given some more information on why. A woman then approached Kratovil and told him that Ryan would not take the stage until he stopped recording. As they group discussed Ryan took the stage.

The man who had originally approached Kratovil went up to Ryan, whispered in her ear, and she stopped speaking.

"Ms. Ryan's remarks were then interrupted by a visit from the mystery man, who I later learned is named Joel Morris and works as a 'security guard' for Ms. Ryan," Kratovil wrote. "Mr. Morris approached the podium & said something to her. She nodded and went silent for the next 27 seconds."

The man then unplugged Kratovil's camera and confiscated it. Ryan then explained to the crowd why this was happening.

"When I speak, I don't have news covering my speech," Ryan said.

Kratovil eventually recovered his camera, but not without a physical struggle. He said that he intends to press charges.

Ryan stated in June on CNN that she has to fight for her "survival" as a reporter asking questions in the White House.