Saudi Cleric Questions Holocaust

Al-Odeh also perpetuates ‘blood libel’ against Jews

August 16, 2012

A prominent Saudi Arabian religious cleric declared that the Holocaust is an "exaggeration" and that Jewish people consume the blood of children during a wide-ranging interview with an Arabic television station.

Saudi cleric Salman Al-Odeh, a well-known scholar revered by millions globally, went on a lengthy tirade against the Jews during an interview Monday in which he stated that "the role of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage war, and to practice deception and extortion," according to a translation of his remarks by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Al-Odeh ranted about the use of human blood in Jewish religious rituals, a notorious anti-Semitic smear commonly referred to as a "blood libel."

"It is well known that the Jews celebrate several holidays, one of which is the Passover, or the matzos holiday," he said.

"I read once about a doctor who was working in a laboratory. This doctor lived with a Jewish family. One day, they said to him: ‘We want blood. Get us some human blood,’" Al-Odeh explained.

"He was confused. He didn’t know what this was all about," Al-Odeh says as the interviewer nods along. "He found that they were making matzos with human blood. They eat it, believing that this brings them close to their false god, Yahweh."

Jewish people "would lure a child in order to sacrifice him in the religious rite that they perform during that holiday," Al-Odeh adds.

The prominent Saudi Cleric also believes that the Holocaust "has been turned into a myth of tremendous proportions."

Jewish people across the globe now use the Holocaust to extort governments, Al-Odeh claimed.

"The Holocaust has become a source for extortion. Through this Holocaust, the Jews began to extort many governments worldwide—in Europe and in the U.S.," he says before stating that Israelis are now waging a "Holocaust" against Palestinian people.

"The Jews even began to perpetrate the same thing themselves against the Palestinian people, carrying out a Holocaust in Gaza and the occupied land," he said. "They attack children, women, and the elderly under the pretext of the Holocaust that they are trying to substantiate."

Jewish people "believe that have the right to kill anyone who does not adhere to their religion," Al-Odeh adds.

The Obama administration has gone out of its way to maintain stellar relations with the Saudi government, which is known to oppress its people. The president famously took heat early in his presidency for bowing to Saudi King Abdullah.