Saudi Arabia

Congress to Block Trump Admin’s Anti-Iran Arm Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

Bipartisan group tells admin no weapons sales without congressional approval

U.S. Capitol buildingA bipartisan delegation of U.S. senators on Wednesday introduced 22 separate disapproval resolutions aimed at blocking the Trump administration from using emergency national security protocols to send more than $8 billion in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Entering the Twilight Zone in the Middle East

When friends become foes and foes become friends, something is very wrong

This notion—of Iran and Saudi Arabia getting over their differences and "sharing" the Middle East—endured past Barack Obama's presidency and is now an established part of left-wing foreign policy.

One U.S. Family’s Tortuous Battle In Dubai’s Sharia Courts

Pope's recent UAE 'tolerance' praise shouldn't extend to judicial system, activists warn

Human rights activists are raising concerns about the United Arab Emirates' new claims of ground-breaking religious tolerance while its legal system —with its reliance on Sharia law—has forced a Christian American family into a five-year, tortuous court fight to recover its rightful inheritance.

The Destructive Legacy of Obama’s Approach to the Middle East

Beyond leaving the region aflame, the 44th president left lasting damage in Washington, D.C.

The chief legacy of Barack Obama's foreign policy is not the Iran nuclear deal, which could not even survive his successor, but rather the visceral partisanship that he fostered at home while trying to defend the deal.