Rosie O'Donnell's Hectic Day on Twitter

Rosie O'Donnell / Getty Images
January 23, 2018

Liberal comedian and television personality Rosie O'Donnell had a tough day after wading into multiple controversies on Twitter on Monday.

O'Donnell began by tweeting a photo of Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), the third-highest ranking Democrat in the Senate, with the caption: "Who is that woman and why is she always frowning?"


The photo appeared to have been taken from a television broadcast covering Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D., N.Y.) remarks on the resolution of the government shutdown. Twitter users were quick to chastise O'Donnell for what they saw as a sexist remark.

O'Donnell then backtracked on her comments, clarifying that she does not believe women should be required to smile in photos and that her question came from a general sense of curiosity about who Murray was. O'Donnell added that she would donate money to the senior senator from Washington.

"I don't expect it - was just curious - I have only seen her sitting behind chuck - worst seat ever - I had no idea she was a senator - gonna go donate to her now #PATTYMURRAY #BlueTsunami2018," O'Donnell tweeted.

Around the same time, O'Donnell went on Twitter to castigate Megyn Kelly as a "spineless wanna be barbie" for comments the NBC host made that were deemed to be an escalation of her feud with actress Jane Fonda. O'Donnell linked to a HuffPost article published following a segment on "Megyn Kelly Today," in which Kelly castigated Fonda after the actress criticized her and their interview from last September, when Kelly asked Fonda if she had plastic surgery.

"Megyn Kelly is a moron - spineless wanna be barbie - she sucks and so does her show - #jane ... #usuckmegyn," O'Donnell tweeted.

Later that evening, O'Donnell responded to a Twitter user alleging that Fonda has never lied about having plastic surgery and that Kelly should admit her own "botox and juvaderm injections." O'Donnell expressed enthusiasm for the user's suggestion and added that Kelly "does not support women."

"Hell yes - she is a woman who does not support women," O'Donnell tweeted.

That same evening, O'Donnell lambasted CNN host Chris Cuomo on Twitter, saying that he should "spare" his "journalistic heroics" and outright rebuke White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for lying on the show. O'Donnell also suggested that, through his role at CNN, Cuomo served as a "gatekeeper" for the republic and should prevent Conway from receiving airtime in the future.

"Chris - spare us ur journalistic heroics - she lies Chris - u put her on - and u act stunned - indignant - YOU KNOW SHE LIES - WE KNOW SHE LIES - STOP TALKING TO HER CHRIS - u r no ones hero captain obvious - YOU ARE THE GATEKEEPERS CUOMO!!!! DO UR JOB DAMN IT #DONTBOOKLIARS," O'Donnell tweeted. 

Cuomo had Conway on his show Monday night to discuss immigration reform. The two traded barbs back and forth and on numerous occasions talked over one another.