RNC Mocks Democrats With Fake DNC Fall Meeting Schedule

DNC Chair Tom Perez / Getty
DNC chair Tom Perez / Getty
October 17, 2017

The Republican National Committee emailed out a fake schedule for the upcoming Democratic National Committee's fall meeting, mocking the Democratic Party for its problems.

The "media advisory" began by announcing "major changes" had been made to the schedule for the DNC meeting, taking place in Las Vegas later this week. The mock schedule announced that to RSVP, one should email party chairman "Professor Tom Perez" at, taking a swipe at Perez's fellowship at the notoriously left-wing Brown University.

The first item on the agenda are opening remarks from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), who is in fact scheduled to speak at the "Women's Convention" later in the month.  The next day includes presentations entitled, "Where is Michigan?: A geographical presentation of what exists between New York and Los Angeles," "No Money, Mo Problems: Investments the DNC would like to make – but can’t" and "The Menendez Mess: How to keep a convicted felon in the United States Senate."

RNC's Fake DNC Fall Meeting Schedule - Part 1 / Screenshot

On day 3, presentations include "Weinstein Shopping Spree: How to spend the $300,000 in money we won’t return from Harvey Weinstein," "Litmus Tests Over Lunch: A guest lecture by Brown University Professor Tom Perez on banishing pro-life Democrats and mandating support for single-payer," "Moral Victories: Jon Ossoff (GA-06), Rob Quist (MT-AL), Archie Parnell (SC-5), Jim Thompson (KS-4) discuss why they actually won their special elections" and "Impeachment or Else: Billionaire donor Tom Steyer lays out his requirement that candidates back a baseless impeachment effort that alienates the vast majority of voters."

RNC's Fake DNC Fall Meeting Schedule - Part 2 / Screenshot

The items on the mock schedule include everything from the DNC's fundraising problems, Sen. Bob Menendez's (D., N.J.) trial, Perez's problems with pro-life candidates in the Democratic Party, what to do with money donated to the Democratic Party by and other related organizations by disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, and how Democrats have not picked up any Congressional seats in special elections this year.

The bottom of the email includes a note that the schedule was produced by the RNC.