Rich Liberals Discuss How to Fund Hillary 2016 Over Lunch on Caribbean Island

Viceroy Anguilla Facebook

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the embattled CEO of Dreamworks Animation, was overheard planning his fundraising strategy for Hillary Clinton's presidential run at lunch in the Caribbean with Marc Lasry, the Russian mafia-connected owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The New York Post reported that Katzenberg and Lasry, who are both major Democratic donors, discussed fundraising for Clinton while they dined at Coba, a fine dining restaurant located in the Viceroy Anguilla hotel in the Caribbean.

Katzenberg already lined up as a Clinton supporter, and hosted a fundraiser for Senate Democrats in October that was attended by Clinton.

2014 was not a good year for Katzenberg. Much of it was been spent aggressively looking to sell his film studio, but his desperate attempts all failed.

His lunch partner, Lasry, didn't have the best year either. He was forced to withdraw his name from contention to be the U.S. ambassador to France after his ties to a prominent member of the Russian mafia were revealed. His son also lives in fear that his father is "going to kill him in his sleep."