Reuters Poll: 90% of Americans Say Clinton Knew What She Was Doing With Email System

March 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton has damaged her reputation with Democrats, according to a Reuters poll released Thursday.

The poll unveiled a disturbing trend for the Clinton campaign: Even her supporters do not trust her.

More than 75 percent of respondents said they did not believe Clinton’s press conference was thorough and almost that many—73.5 percent--said she was not honest when addressing the issue during a press conference last week.

Ninety percent of those polled said they believe Clinton knew what she was doing with her personal email system and that it was not an oversight.

"The softening numbers really showed some concerns among Democrats--even those who support Clinton--that this controversy is just going to keep dragging on and if she doesn’t do something really forceful to address it, it could really hurt her chances when she gets to a general election," Reuters correspondent Amanda Becker said.

The poll found that 42.6 percent of respondents said "Hillary Clinton broke the law by using her personal email account to conduct official business," compared to only 31.4 percent that did not think she broke the Federal Records Act.

A majority of those polled felt that a third party independent review should have access to Clinton’s email server.

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