Anti-Trump Demonstrators, Police Clash in D.C. Prior to Inaugural Parade

Protesters and police clashed in Washington, D.C. on Friday prior to the start of the inauguration parade for President Donald Trump.

With 217 arrests being reported and six D.C. police officers injured, the police moved in and clashed with the rioters who were vandalizing property just blocks away from the inaugural parade route.

Flashbang grenades and pepper spray were widely used in an effort to get the protesters moved out of the area.

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Protesters dragged out whatever they could grab, including newspaper boxes, into the middle of the street in an effort to impede the advancing officers. Trash cans were also overturned, thrown in the street, and set on fire.

UPDATE 6:25 P.M.: This post was updated to include the most recent figures on the number of arrests and police officers injured.