Pro-Putin Patriot Destroys iPhone, Shotguns Beer for Mother Russia


Stas Baretsky is a pro-Putin Russian musician who is waging war on all things Western.

In August 2015, Baretsky began destroying Western products across Russia in support of Putin’s ban on Western imports. He has been filmed splitting a Western beer can in half with his teeth and ripping a pair of Western-made underwear to shreds. Needless to say, his hostility to the Western world is not very subtle, nor are his very strange antics.

In this video, Baretsky, a very large man with a bald head and clad in a red jacket, throws an iPhone to the ground and smashes a Samsung tablet, yelling "F— this thing!" He then adds "Use our products, not this Western shit! Understand? There!" He then shotguns a beer and shouts "FOR RUSSIA!" He is accompanied by a blonde woman throughout the video who says nothing while watching his bizarre antics play out.

Baretsky did not contain his rage there. "Buy Russian cell phones, iPhones, everything you buy should be ours!" he yells with his face very close to the camera. It is unclear if he paid afterward for the damage he caused to the store's products or the large mess he made when he exploded his beer in the middle of the store.

Baretsky was also a member of a group that installed a bust of President Vladimir Putin sculpted as a Roman emperor. The group aimed to "immortalize Vladimir Putin as a conqueror and statesman who returned Crimea to Russia," according to Radio Free Europe.

In August 2014, Putin banned Western food products in response to sanctions from the European Union and the United States. Since then, he has extended the sanction period by a year and expanded the list of countries affected by the ban. Putin also broadened sanctions to include medical equipment.

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