Pompeo: Clinton Didn’t Tell Truth During Benghazi Testimony, May Pursue Perjury Charges

August 17, 2016

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) rebuked Hillary Clinton on Wednesday when he told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum that Clinton lied during her Benghazi testimony last year.

The FBI released to members of Congress on Tuesday night a 30-page summary of their interview with Clinton, which included notes of interviews with senior Clinton aides, including Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.

Pompeo, a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, said that he spent eleven hours with Clinton and she was not honest with lawmakers.

"She didn’t tell the American people the truth about her system," Pompeo said. "She said she didn’t send classified information. We now, of course, know that she did. She said her lawyers reviewed every document. That, of course, we now know she did not do. We’ll be looking at that closely, and we will share with the American people just about everything we can."

MacCallum asked Pompeo if he was willing to go down the path of perjury proceedings.

Pompeo said he was willing to go down that path and that everyone testifying before Congress should be held to the same standard.

"I hope that the Justice Department and the FBI will do that. I think when they do, I think when they review the entirety of the files, that they will too conclude that there were intentional misstatements made to the American public and to Congress, and that she’ll be treated just like you and I would" Pompeo said.

The FBI released its notes on the Clinton investigation amid pressure from members of Congress calling for FBI Director James Comey to provide them with details on the subject. Rep. Tom Marino (R, Pa.) led a group of 35 Republican House members on Monday calling for the report.