Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Will Not Pursue Senate Seat

Secretary of State Mike PompeoSecretary of State Mike Pompeo will not run for a seat in the Senate this year, rebuffing long running overtures from GOP congressional leaders who had encouraged the sitting secretary to reenter electoral politics.

Pompeo Vows to Stand Beside Iranian Protesters Seeking to Topple Hardline Regime

New sanctions hit senior Iranian officials complicit in mass human rights abuses

Secretary of State Mike PompeoIn one of the clearest signs to date that the Trump administration is moving toward support for regime change in Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw the weight of the administration behind a growing protest movement in the Islamic Republic that is now threatening to topple the theocratic ruling regime.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Erases Black Experience

Pompeo's photo clearly showed retired African-American admiral Cecil D. Haney

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell falsely claimed Monday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out an "all-white" photo of advisers, ignoring the retired African-American admiral who was clearly pictured.

U.S. Sanctions Iranian-Controlled Militias Killing Peaceful Protesters in Iraq

Iran wrenching control of Iraq from its people

Secretary of State Mike PompeoThe Trump administration on Friday issued a bevy of new sanctions on Iranian militia leaders guilty of killing peaceful protesters in Iraq, a sign the administration is troubled about increasingly muscular attempts by Tehran to infiltrate the Iraqi government and wrench control for its own agenda.

Trump Admin Vows Continued Support for Iranian Anti-Regime Protesters

Pompeo says U.S. will expose, sanction top Iranian human rights abusers

Secretary of State Mike PompeoThe Trump administration will continue to expose and sanction Iranian regime leaders found guilty of human rights abuses, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday, a message that comes as protesters across Iran take to the streets to protest the ruling regime.