Mike Pompeo

U.S. Sanctions International Criminal Court Officials

ICC investigating alleged U.S. war crimes

People enter the International CriminalThe Trump administration on Wednesday announced new sanctions on individuals affiliated with the International Criminal Court as a result of the court's efforts to investigate and prosecute alleged U.S. war crimes.

China’s Apology Tour to Europe Fails

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi’s two-week trip to mend fences with European economic partners and counter Washington’s stand against China has so far brought little dividend, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Religious Groups Rip Rice for Pompeo Criticism

Religious freedom groups say criticism of 'overt' faith runs afoul of constitutional protections

Religious liberty groups raised alarm that top Biden campaign surrogate Susan Rice's attack on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's "overt" faith could lead to future discrimination against believers.

U.S. Takes Final Shot at Extending Iran Arms Embargo

Pompeo vows to extend U.N. arms ban ‘one way or another’ as Russia, China veto looms

Secretary Of State Pompeo Testifies On Department's Budget Request Before Senate Foreign Relations CommitteeSecretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed that an international arms embargo on Iran would be extended “one way or another,” as the United States gears up for a final showdown at the United Nations Security Council with Russia and China over the soon-to-expire weapons bans.