Mike Pompeo

In Rare Move, White House Declassifies Key China Strategy Doc

Document outlines Trump approach to countering CCP

The White House declassified a strategy document that lays out the Trump administration's effort to counter the rise of China, providing the public with a rare glimpse into the inner workings of national security operations.

Trump Administration Finds Historic Success Rescuing American Hostages

Rescued Americans speak to Trump's efforts in returning them home safely

Bryan Nerren spent seven months detained in an Indian prison, unsure if or when he would see his family again.  "The experience was horrific, very difficult," said Nerren. "I was put in a cage, treated like the worst criminal in India."

Pompeo Visits Georgia as Charges of Election Fraud Mount

Secretary of state’s visit comes as fallout continues over election marred by allegations of fraud and intimidation

Secretary of State Mike PompeoTBILISI, Georgia—The Georgian government's backslide into authoritarianism was the backdrop for a day-long round of meetings between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the country's ruling party, which has increasingly marginalized Tblisi's more Western-oriented opposition leaders.